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Saturday, December 5, 2009

What the fidelity! The ULFA Chapter today

The same venue where a huge bombardment on the 30th of October 2009 perished several lives dumping humanity into the folds of faith, it is the CJM court of Guwahati. Today the 5th day of December 2009 in the evening hours some undisciplined crowd gathered at the same venue for a glimpse of those ULFA leaders, which the Bangladesh Govt. had handed over to India, to be produced in the court. Aurobindo Rajkhowa and his disciples. Should have seen the push and pull in the crowd as though some legendary personalities were about to step down from a private chopper. Alas! This was it, a mini bus carrying all these extremist but heroes. For once I thought that the crowd was to mock at them for their shameful acts of killing hundreds of people but, yes it’s a but, from the crowd where gestures cheering the presence of these arrested extremists “ULFA ZINDABAD” I was horrified to see and hear this! Can’t believe it, somewhere during the past several years, directly or indirectly each one’s near and dear one’s have been victim of such mortifying attacks.Yet why the crowd still loves them, or were they the manipulated crowd gathered by the friends and relatives of these unscrupulous elements? I could even see them bestowed with the Gamusa as a mark of respect… eeeeks! They still deserve it!!! What is happening? How can anyone forget that Guwahati which had been reddened one year back? Such is the empathy of the people and to top it look at the proud passes of Rajkhowa, who clearly stated that they were not here to surrender but have been arrested and with handcuffs peace talks were next to impossible… WOW!!!! This is why they are heroes. Now India needs someone as hard as them to tackle the upcoming situations, someone to suppress this ardent attitude. Of course those that have suffered huge losses at their hands, the general people want early peace, we want that when we go out of our houses, we return safe. Hence will it be worth to express my concern to the Govt. not to delay with the possible outcome?