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Friday, March 26, 2010

Indias' Pride and Glory...LOST

Oh! Common…. Do we need them anymore…. ND Tiwari, Sibbu Soren, Chautala and family and hell to spell Rathod, oh! I need to mention Abha – the wife cum lawyer…. Grrr Grrr! What are these old rags doing out everywhere from media to private lives…. A game of sex in Raj Bhawan , a king rises all of a sudden with his past to give a damn to public…rusting CM’s post….Rathod backed by Chautala and his family….Trash them! Can u gulp so much news together in one single day? It might so happen that all will be dumped for good only to make room for more spices...lol…
Its time decision needs to be taken by young India, yes! after such bold dadaji stunts, the decision cannot be put in the hands of another dadaji or uncleji. Let Ruchika live in the hearts of the young blood.
India has much to face… terror, natural calamities etc. but the irony is that the safety gauge of such a vulnerable country lies with the most ‘submissive’ netas. ‘Submissive’ not to our nation but to WOMEN. Should we let this continue into discussions and meetings and issue warnings and all those fundas to save a neta? Or just step on to a decision.
To all the dadajis and Unclejis …the world is mocking at us, we can no more boast about our culture… move to your private lives and make room for our young generation… what an example you have set…the young generation refuses to swallow your dirt… phew! All of you have grown to be rotten rags, just hope your kin is away from this unlike Ajay Chautala. Hats off to Arnab Goswami who successfully grilled him and look at his stubborn attitude, instead of answering the nation merrily walks off… and his expressions…lol a proud deed…. Shame shame... where are you leading us? We will not follow you...
...And here is BONUS by Mulayam...the whistling AT WOMEN trend set by him and add to India's pride & and glory and disgusting the way he has supporters.. all are sadist leaders.. they are so to quench their thirst and not for the nation as a whole. Amazing the way his supporters want to whistle along with him.. Parliament will be for......."............."

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