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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Political Benchmark set in Villages

How have you heard of these people – Shivkumari, Preeti Karosiya and the latest Dehiram Moran? They are the ones to have moved media from different villages yet, for the same reason. For once their houses have been much in demand than a seat in the parliament - Now, can you figure out their relation with media! Until yesterday these people have been living a normal life where I and you knew them as fellow human beings. But today we clearly distinguish them to be the Dalits, OBCs etc. It is the politicos who have earmarked them by their visits to village houses and have been making news by eating and sleeping there… How this becomes news I am yet to understand… why it isn’t news when I and you share our table with them in a food joint or visit our friend’s and neighbors?
The wooing has turned into hooting as the frequency of these ‘divine’ acts have been increasing. First it was Rahul Gandhi, followed by BJP President Nitin Gadkari and now once again its news by the newly appointed BJP President of Assam, Ranjit Dutta. These are certainly not examples and needless to mention what these politicians have in their minds, I am sure the food was of taste and these visits are a joy to the villagers. However, the brand created by this stratum has become an obligation for these villagers for they are perhaps left with no choice in the next elections.

For the Dalits, by the Politicos! Yes, after being laughed at by the educated class, suddenly they remember that India lives in villages… of course they do, but definitely not at your cost! I even know some breeds live in the parliament, some in tall and broad buildings and some in dark rooms but, where does the general class live?

I got to mention here that somehow, I do feel that Rahul Gandhi has been genuine and his march started about two years back. Probably the applause earned by him raised the greed of others and little did they know about the criticism and mockery that were following them. Our most leaders are not even innovative and unable to think on genuine strategies for the welfare of the nation as a whole. So, on what basis do we elect them? After they are done with the election processes they confine themselves to the parliament until they hit upon a publicity stunt- for they know, they can make news anyhow. Recently, I had the opportunity to meet Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee and she has rightly opined that media should give more importance to the citizens and highlight their problems as ‘problems’ rather than creating sensational news. I agree with her since, mostly media coverage is defined by some mal- educated politicos with a garbage of synthetic news.

First of all, be it print media or the electronic media, the advertisements and commercials eat up large space and time with little room left for news and views and, this leftover space too, seems ruthless to the readers and viewers. Headlines have become hot - lines and media mission has changed its course. Are we directly / indirectly supporting this deviation? Or should the question be who is more powerful – politicians or media???

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