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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wars That Made a King

Wars in the history of mankind have evolved through many stages and are instrumental in making of a hero. That age was of the brave warriors and the martyrs who with their do or die attitude swapped every opportunity to alter challenges to success. Wars and battlefields were the pride of a ruler, a place to display their chivalrous self. The men in battlefield CONFRONTED their enemy who were equally audacious. The kings that emerged victorious were the real protagonist whom the people admired and saw in them their role models. The warriors fascinated with their acumen and were cheered far and wide till where the pigeon could fly.
Amidst the bloodshed was a ray of hope every time a war ended. I can imagine very little the significance of the echo of a bugle to the people who lived in that era but, living in the harrowing 21st century the history of wars is like a fragrance of ecstasy which engulfs my passionate self. I sense bravery, some sort of euphoric enlightenment when reading through the lines of history. The killings were not butchery because the men knew how to fight back with an equal opportunity to exhibit their heroism, whatsoever, confined to the battlefield.
The wars through history demonstrated the determination of the rulers, the unity that governed a kingdom, the strategies so fair. The trumpets roared, the crowds cheered, welcoming the victorious counterpart, thus a king was made.
Wars evolved through the years and soon it was synonymous to freedom and India is one of the biggest examples. The British called it Sepoy Mutiny, we call it Revolutionary Movement – 1857 saw one of the first and the biggest freedom movements of British India which shattered the foundation of the British government. Soon history made its way towards a subtle form of revolution and we call it the Satyagraha Movement and Non-Violence, a typical Gandhian theory. The spirit was same, the determination stronger and we have with us to applaud the 15th of August 1947.
With education and discoveries men swapped wars to a technical age and here began the era of World Wars which also witnessed the mutilation of humanity. And then wars were belittled with cowardice act and the face of insurgency was misunderstood to be the fight for rights. The face of enemy is unknown, the insurgents went away from the battlefield and butchered humankind in roads and markets. They adapted to new technology but discarded valor. They act so diminutive that each innocent unshielded victim seems gigantic to them. It’s a shame that this is our age.
Sometimes it occurs to me that the brave went extinct by the gift of democracy and the concept misused by the opportunists who guards the country in the name of government. The power is acquired by anything which is not virtue. The strategies and the means are sized to their comfort and the term ‘Politically Correct’ was then discovered.   

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