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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rendezvous with Destiny

M at the end of another chapter and here I gave myself options to choose between the devil and the deep sea or hopes. Either of the two devil or deep sea ends this indefinite book and I move on to an unknown world and choosing hopes means to continue with the same story. Gosh! M already tired and wanna land.

However hopes seemed so tempting and I could see lots stored for me from a familiar world, right from smiles to cries thus obvious that I choose hopes. So I continue to be where I'm! Brains say M back to square one and my heart said M GLOWING...

I miss you but I'm not suppose to know you anymore...

I wanna go but reflections surpass me...

My resolutions have suffered, my will power shattered,

Yet no paranoia dwells in me, coz M ruled by the highest authority of HOPES.

Learning to conquer time through hopes but not expectations. M just on my way, nah! M not alone, not far away I see my Rendezvous with Destiny

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introspection said...

Like your post though I am not much of a poetry person.
Will be back to read more posts from the past..!