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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How do I make him understand?

...That I can no longer afford his toys, chocolates, branded jeans and so on. I established myself, re-established and now back to the 'nowhere' status...recession is the answer of the ‘effigy’ that I am carrying today… I cannot stop his future and I fear I might regret being a fighter and welcome easy ways…this cannot be the worst for I dream of a bright future for my baby, so innocent, unaware of reality however so happy to see me at home each day… professional, morals, punctuality, ethics will be reduced to zero…that’s nightmare indeed and with my beautiful background I bet, a moist path won’t be the result.

Nothing is strange either, when a handful of uneducated elements join hands to rule the corporate world. I have seen one such and if u belong to the likes, chances are likely that you too might get twisted by their under estimation capabilities. Here you MUST NOT work for the company…but work for the BOSS even if it counts for the bad will of the organization…

What causes sensation in your nerves should be hilariously transformed to pain. Let your identity be duped, who cares till recession is laid before your abilities. Subsequently one or more trailer of jeopardy can be read and only read… nothing beyond that…

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ana said...

Hello dear friend nands! what a delight to read something from you again. thanks for always remembering. u r never forgotten. send my regards to family and a kiss to panch....God bless u dear...it's me ana