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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


A lil bit of gig wid acquaintances... A common type of character over the internet...

Critical Analysis of Fundamentals Adopted by Self-Styled Internet Romeo Alfred Fernando Montech (AFM) (name changed)

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Definition of AFM: Masked self styled hero of internet with typical assumptions about women, wherein underneath the mask lays the sadistic mentality of just another frustrated male now at his 40s.

Critical Analysis:
AFM is a normal male, but point to be noted is that he is frustrated, however skilled in transferring his ROYAL sickness unto others. A general practioner of his applied skills in social networks, available only at his own convenient time.

If assumed intelligent, AFM uses this instrument while framing emails meant only for ladies, lucky enough it always clicks. That’s his pleasure.

When those mails pre-occupy the hearts of women 24*7 hrs, AFM resumes his unmasked real form, i.e. sadistic pleasure.

AFM has the ability to talk high about values of friendship and emerges as a leader in his words. But when the time is due to prove so, gradually and successfully eats his own words.

Thus he evolves ideas such as fake id’s and pranks played by numerous imaginative humans and smoothly transfers the blame on to others, or can be assumed he has multiple IDs Phobia.

A little girlish by nature when it comes to quarrel and is very good at this too.

Signs of maturity are high only when resuming the mask.

Lack of thinking while throwing words which can be good or bad but either ways is harmful for a woman.

Since the important factor here is his frustration, keeping in mind that he is a real male, all the above mentioned points are relevant. BUT, BUT, this is inhuman when he does with happily married women.

AFM forgets that he is not more than a villain in cases where two people are having a congenial relation within the marriage.

But it is learnt that AFM wants to prove his mettle man with whomsoever not concerned but only women will do. THIS THE BITTER TRUTH OF THE SELF-STYLED HERO.

He successfully intrudes the heart’s premises of women and gently tickles the soft nerve because he is skilled here. Hence no women can stop getting back to him. Again SADISTIC.


TIK TAK TOE knowz how to play the game. Not just a game but a mind game, but involves only amateur and novices. Once his tricks are captured, he drops the player because his mentality doesn’t allow others to be the leader in the game. Hence advances with a brand new player.


Advertisement… New players in the game developed by AFM is solicited.
Important is ASL, Age limit: no bar, marital status- no bar, gender-female compulsory because the team leader is heterosexual.

P. S. Chances of deducing from the above article by AFM: she is crazy/ she has gone nuts*


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