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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Preponed 'Mahapralay' of Assam

The state of Assam, abode of beauty is surrounded by lush greenery, rivers, mountains and BANGLADESHIS.

Where the world is witnessing symptoms of ‘Mahapralay’ ‘Mahavinash’ the various forms of mass destruction like the floods, global warming, earthquakes etc. Assam is not lagging behind either and sees its Mahavinash with the never ending Bangladeshi infiltration.
My domestic help is a Bangladeshi, the end number of rickshaw pullers plying throughout the state easing distances are Bangladeshis. Most houses, buildings, towers etc. have their foundations laid by a Bangladeshi… such is the need of these migrants, I fear soon we might loose our identity.
This is an old issue of Assam and from the political desk of Assam through Delhi, the bloody acts and opposing ventures of various groups in driving off these migrants are all but stories in newspapers left with dust over them.
Many of the fits of terror in Assam have the roots somewhere in the minds of the Bangladeshi migrants. The latest news that has come up is the arrest of a couple of them who begin their day as rickshaw pullers and end up as dacoits in the middle of the night. We say that to live with Bangladeshis is a curse and yet we cannot do without them in our day to day life.
The anti national acts by these migrants are in the process of ruining the very foundation of the state and maybe gradually extend to the rest of the country.
Let us have an overview of some facts related to this (from sources)Assam shares 272 Kms porous border with Bangladesh which is unfenced. Everyday about 6000 illegal infiltrators enter the state. The migrants become farmhands or river fishermen in villages. In towns they are often construction workers or rickshaw pullers and many of the women folk are engaged as maids and construction workers too. There might be a racket running that makes beggars out of these migrants by chopping off hands and legs, even burning them to some extent. The Guwahati High Court has said till now, these migrants have been successful in avoiding the proceedings against them as well as their deportation from India. In the process, they have incorporated their names in the voters’ lists on the basis of which they must have cast their votes. Thus these large number of Bangladeshis present in the State of Assam have a major role in electing the representatives both to the Legislative Assembly and Parliament and consequently, in the decision-making process towards building the nation. They have become the kingmakers.
Shouting will leave faded echoes…unless we the people of Assam refuse help from these strata, no strategy will have cent percent effect. The vote banks will reduce, we will have to work harder, but do we care for these or should we let our blood be ruined.
With the bullet speed of infiltration I lay my fears here and even before 2012, Assam might drown in the river of Bangladeshi Migrants.

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