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Sunday, November 29, 2009


India’s democratic period is short lived. It begins at the commencement of any election, survives through the voting process and ends there itself, doesn’t even last till the results are declared.
WE voted you for your promises, we chose you because we believe in you. You promised to make our lives better, you promised a beautiful India for us, BUT TODAY I HAD TO PEEP BACK INTO MY DICTIONARY TO CHECK OUT THE MEANING OF DEMOCRACY. Today, I again read the literary connotation of this term, tightly packed inside the pages. I feel since many years democracy has been suppressed inside the D order of dictionary and what we have survived with till date is just a mirror image of it. Wanted to check my thought process on this but, from time to time autocracy in diplomatic formats have appeared from the bags of almost all the political parties who corresponds to the wider practice of equality. Do I need to name a few? BJP, RJD, MNS or Shiv Sena (I think same stuff), Trinamool… ok, these are only examples. Not even scholars and sports personnel have spared themselves, no wonder the sports authority of India is studded with questions about the gloomy sporting spirit of Indian players!
Think about the scholars of yesteryears who had the mighty power of the pen to bring in the best out of those hammering days of British Raj. And today the blessed brains have allowed the political bug to nibble them to insanity. These are dignitaries of India but no moral can be drawn from their methodology, for today politics is the prop of the criminals of yesterday too. Wherever opportunity flashes, it seeps its way to a battleground, be it the parliament or the news channel office, both of which are exemplary structures of democracy. The recent uprisings in both these houses have mocked the very foundation of democratic India. It has gone beyond shame and how happy must be the ghosts of those that made India bleed during the freedom struggle. The irony is that politicians are quarreling, scholars are outlining logic and the criminals have become mentors of the state of affairs, tables turned!
Freedom of Media is shaken many a times or always. Questions and debates are conducted yet the participants or the host of such shows have no idea that they are only giving smiles to those who love an autocratic system in the veil of Democracy. I LOL away such shows where editing sieves away the democratic content from the shows.
Here we experience Democracy in the format of BY the People, FOR THE POLITICIANS & OF THE POLITICIANS. Now what obstacles are on the way for full practice of democracy in India? This will continue to be debated now and then without intimidating the autocrats of the season. Globalization, nuclear power etc. are other side effects showered upon us. I wonder, with this mirage of democratic syndrome, how far India can survive the blows from China and Pakistan or for that matter any other country.
If I have to conclude, then I need to continue telling that India is yet to experience democracy. Give us the democratic aura even after the elections gets over.

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The write is surely very good, lets c and be a part of making people understand and bring a change