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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kids & Cartoons

There is much hush hush at home these days.. Mom wants to watch her recipe shows, I want news, Dad wants something more local and my son would stick on to his cartoon channels. Can u imagine when all wants to watch their favs at the same time... huh!.. only one TV set and so one winner...definitely this is my little 7 yr old dynamite taking advantage of all the love showered on him and this parameter acts as an edge to is win win attitude. This isn't all about simply watching.. he has to watch from the nearest distance and that BEN10 shows... grrrr!... He needs to enact them as well.. the bed becomes more or less a battle ground.. constant teething and those noisy gestures as DHHHISSS DHHHISSSDHHHISSSDHHHISSS.. and some kind of English.. sorry I don't understand them.

Gosh!.. M pushed to the streets of all the markets in genuine search of Ben10 dresses, pencil box, bags, watches and more watches... you are invited to my house to pick up anything that is not BEN10..hahhahha... U won't find anything beyond it.
I wonder what is so much with these cartoon characters than an Aamir and Sharukh or Tom Cruise. Is it with only my kid or everyone who has a young man growing up at their homes. My son can spend the whole day with these cartoon characters without eating and sleeping..OH! Studies...just forget it...anything else!

The other day I spoke to him about Amar Chitra Katha.. (those were our days).. he quickly changed the channel.. again what is with BEN10 that Amar Chitra Katha is not appealing to him? I see that he is rather beginning to form his behaviour like one of those BEN10 guys... These kids worship them and considers them heroes. These fictitious characters have evolved over a period of time and taken the place of Ramayana, Mahabharata etc. Is it good or bad?

Most of all this is affecting his behavior and we feel helpless.. Just ask him something and the reply would be more often like fire... So right now I don't see a solution to this.. Tried to get rid of the channels but tantrums.. head over heels.... da da da.. So it seems this is gonna be everlasting saga...

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www.girish for you.com said...

The addiction with cartoon characters on TV is almost with all children today.One of my close friend rightly said that it's we who get our children hooked to TV, for our own convenience,as in today's world we do not have sufficient time for them and we are the ones who complain that they are addicted to cartoon characters,learning wrong things from TV etc.etc.
But then all said and done,there are good things in cartoon pics too.In fact, they wonderfully cater to the needs of the juvenile brain,they allow the child to dream in their own way which is so very different from the way we adults think.It's life and life is like that,let him enjoy.