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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kasab You Are Done

Finally the verdict has been pronounced and Kasab will be hanged to death. Now every Indian has a reason to smile but, is this really the end of all? Justice has prevailed but neither is Kasab punished. Alyque Padamsee had rightly said (CNN IBN) that hanging Kasab is equal to making him a martyr and this is what they were here for - to die. So are we fulfilling the wishes of the jehadis? No doubt all charges on him are true and no matter what he had said in his defense. The bloodshed still fresh in the minds of each Indian and death is too little for him. Perhaps bigger punishment would have been life imprisonment.
We all know there is one bigger picture to this- the behind the scene actions. These young lads were mesmerized in the name of religion, assuring Heaven and life after death. It lets one wonder if these jehadis are literate enough to understand what religion is about or do they gulp what is fed to them. Kasab has to die even before he understands life as for the time being his emotional aptitude has been paralyzed in the name of religion. Death to a jehadi is like a soft touch of the feather and Kasab definitely deserves something harsh. Against thousands of chapters only one will be closed now. No loss and no gain. 
Just flashing in me -  what is Kasab's state of mind now after hearing the verdict..left alone!

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