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Monday, May 10, 2010

Forfeited Satyameva Jayate

The accused has been acquitted and finally I lost my 5 years and 3 months old battle for justice. It won’t be enough to say justice delayed is justice denied. First let me lay down my frustration as I have been rudely denied justice by the Additional Magistrate. I will not call it unfair but, definitely that was an INCOMPETENT JUDGMENT pronounced today (10th of May 2010).
Perhaps no one will listen to me since everywhere bigger things are on everyone’s mind like Kasab, Ranjan Daimari and blah blah blah. But truly my agony has been dwarfed by the judiciary.
The Additional Magistrate said that after going through all the evidences, statements and witnesses it seemed my ex- didn’t deserve conviction just like Fahim and Saubuddin where, everything is open yet lack of evidence. Don’t know what exactly he had read through but, all the medical bills were false, kept on lingering the matter with absurd excuses and so on. Even for not arriving at the court on due date many a times warrant had been issued against him.
This was a matter of Husband wife where the latter, i.e. I have been tortured inside the four walls of privacy. MAY I KNOW WHEN THE MAGISTRATE AND OTHER WITNESSES PRODUCED BY THEM, ENTERED MY BEDROOM TO UNDERSTAND THAT I HAVE NOT BEEN WRONGED? What I had gone through is true but, the judicial system has made it false…the legal made illegal by the very judiciary… why? I never knew at the time of marriage that I will be immensely tortured and hence I am suppose to carry all the requirements to gather evidences like camera, tape recorder…
Yes, the way out to this is further continue the case and appeal to the high court. Foot-n-a-half!! I don’t have either the money or patience to fight ahead and forcefully sit back being wronged again and again. Everything went on fine at the beginning then, where was the turn of events? Perhaps here - http://nandinikakoti.blogspot.com/2009/10/inside-satyameva-jayate.html 
I know they are rich enough to pay from top to bottom and maybe this is it. There are many loopholes in this judgment which, if screwed would even put the Additional Magistrates (a couple of them were appointed during the span of 5 years) in trouble. I don’t have an option but to blog and shout out my agony, frustrations and so on. No, I have not been shattered….or may be.

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Girish Chandra Singh said...

It is very unfortunate that our judicial system has to rely on evidence,even when the truth is in front of you,crystal-clear. Many people have been victims of this loophole and it's sad to learn that you are one of them.Nevertheless,at this hour you must not forget that there is a judgement of God that's more just,and in His eyes the truth is always right.The rest are all farce.