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Friday, June 18, 2010

Error in Destiny

Akbar Ali is often seen on the street adjacent to Guahati University with his auctioned destiny. He is a beggar of about 12 years in age amongst many others older or younger to him.  Taking a peek into his utensil (which I assume has multipurpose usage both for food and accepting alms), I found that he generally manage to collect more alms than the rest of his peer group. Just as you might see, he and the rest wears filthy clothes (even if someone donates better ones), maintains dirty legs and hands, uncombed hair (perhaps with lice) and makes sure that all other measures are taken for successful begging.
Yet, what makes the difference for Akbar Ali is his unique condition called Omphalocele which is a congenital malformation in which ‘variable amounts of abdominal contents protrude into the base of the umbilical cord’ (for further details look into http://www.pedisurg.com/PtEduc/Omphalocele.htm ). He piddles and excretes through this organ right outside his abdomen. Talking to him I was informed that his parents did consult doctors however, a treatment recommended for this is often expensive, approximately 15K to 20K. This is a massive amount for those that live below the poverty line and they can never achieve it. Here I must mention that I have least knowledge to what extent Akbar’s parents made an effort to get him treated.
As is obvious, his Omphalocele has made it possible for his comparatively soaring alms. He makes sure that this protruding organ is displayed well and ample sympathy can be earned. Flies sitting on it throughout the day make him infection prone and we don’t know what more disease has been developed due to this.
Prior talking to him I wondered if he is also a member of the so called beggar’s racket which again is an open business for some unscrupulous lot.
I was in fact finicky in touching this topic but digging the matter has revealed a much bitter truth – A foiled fate at Akbar’s disposal. His future is too far away. What prevails to infinity is the materialistic gain in part of his parents or the medical institutes or should I refer to as ace business houses.
An age where whole of India is making news and views for Right to Education, we have one here with no kind of reach and motivation. What could be deduced about his destiny or many others like him definitely jolts our souls but these jolts cannot be possibly implemented in mending the future of this boy.


www.girish for you.com said...

It is really nice on your part to take up the issue of this boy. Omphalocele(umbilical hernia)is not a very rare condition but this one is a classic case,I have'nt seen one as bad in my last 15 years in the profession.This case will require an expert team of paediatric, plastic and probably urological surgeon as you say the urinary system in herniated.There are only few centres in India which provides such high quality surgery free of cost. One such is the Sathya Sai Superspeciality Hospital at Puttaparti,A.P.(and another at Bangalore). All he will require will be railway ticket to these places, which can be obtained at free or concessional rates. He needs guidance from big-hearted people like you and I also express my readiness to do something to help him out.

Nandinikakoti said...

Thank you Doctor.. was actually looking for expert views and you have given so. Not sure how far these people will be eager to go about it as they take good advantage of it as well. Perhaps have to see for some more time.