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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hyper Paradox

‘Beggars cannot be choosers’ neither they can be losers. With this end to my thinking here is an absolutely different perspective of a beggar and stands contradictory to my last blogged perception of an alms earner. Have to assess if my thoughts are infringed by these section and why is it all over me.
Here is an interesting episode narrated to our course group of Distance learners and is worth sharing either for laughs or for contemplation. It was a pleasure to have with us Mr. Pankaj Thakur an eminent writer, translator and editor of Assam who shared his experiences with us. He has given a thought provoking element as he described the incident of one of his acquaintance with a beggar. It was more like an anecdote to me and wonderful to listen to the interestingly placed facts. I hope I am able to do justice with this piece.
It so happened that this man was on his way to his office, expected to be overwhelmed as it was going to be his first day at work. As he walked out of his house he came across a beggar and an existence of satisfaction and generosity provoked him to offer alms. So, the man gladly took out from his pocket a Rupee ONE coin and placed it on the beggar’s platter. The latter was overjoyed and blessed this man several times. (Guess he had a superlative day at work) Once more to satisfy his humane urge the next day the alms & blessings give n take episode took place and continued so for about a year.
The following year the alms came down to FIFTY Paise. Unable to understand the dropping generosity and fear of questioning why so, the beggar apparently accepted what had been offered (probably by suppressing his facial expressions).
The following year was even haplessly unblessed for this otherwise happy go lucky beggar. To his astonishment the alms further dropped down to TWENTY-FIVE paise. His trepidation never formed into a question, assuming some kind of alarm. However, as this phase continued for a few days, the situation was beyond the control of this irate beggar. One fine day, he made an agreement with his audacity and decided to flush out his apprehensions.
So he did, by approaching his bread giver with all his might presented the hard age of inflation. The man poised and calm defended his plight with the same facts of inflation thus, saying when he was a bachelor life was different and could afford to offer Rupee one each day. The following year he had added expenses like satisfying the needs of his girlfriend whom he later married thus, he settled down to fifty paise. Again family broadened and with the newly born kid expenses further mounted on him and how he decided to offer twenty-five paise each day. Yet, he never stopped showing kindness towards the beggar.
Now hold on! Here is the irony and the moral of this story. The generous man was at the receiving end by the perception of this beggar. After listening to the dilemma of the former, the beggar took to his wit and said “So you have been running your family at my cost!”
Several facts can be deduced from this however, each perception may have a foundation of paradox.  Enigma!