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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Online Scams…. My Story

Albeit the number of times discussion on online scams here are some encounters which I surfaced to during the last couple of days. No doubt there is a super flow of emails where surprisingly without applying anywhere my ID win lotteries and blah blah … of course I was not caught with these gimmicks and be intelligent to understand that no one is going to pay for nothing that you have done.
The great recession too is approached with creative scores by these scammers where original letter heads of reputed organizations are used with true copy of agreement but mind you… if interested then send back mails in private IDs and not to company email IDs… Gosh! I was almost caught with this one… thanks to a timely article in an online edition of Times of India which brushed my apprehensions. Now to mention those scammers with AFF links in their profiles to increase their hits in such adult portals have flooded the internet from time to time.
To be more lucent with my idea of doing this blog here is one incident from where I give into being internet savvy, especially if you are a woman… look back if you were ever trapped within your innocence. The social portals have much to offer and friends can be just great ones dressed with cool attitudes, God fearing and those who never fail to sprinkle sweetness in the most adverse moments.
Mostly Nigerians working as a team, these elements move at a slow pace to meet their ultimate goal after convincing their candor…all are fakes and some use pics of white origin to establish their point. Even if they claim to be situated in UK or elsewhere, if a proper check is done one can easily see their location as Nigeria. Usually trying to catch single women for their own convenience for they are easy catches. Well! To reveal here my bit…nah! Absolutely not, I was ever trapped with anyone. By the time this one person entered my arena I was already aware of scammers.
Naturally my digging nature allowed him to gradually grow with the friendship where both our goals were met…his plans for scams and mine to pull him out of the shell. Oh! The jolly good hunk was finally in need of money and I was closer to my destination and in the mean time I extracted all data about this fella from the internet. Now what? I agreed to pay him as much as he wants and asked him how should I be sending the sum and here it goes… all his account details was in my mails… Ok here the situation wasn’t really to the mark…he was sued from that particular social portal with reason being a scammer, that’s it.
Wished the data could have been utilized to break the racket… Phew! He still exists in other sites and maybe in the look out for new catches… BTW, later on many similar profiles which I believe are either the same or his gang members, both men and women started visiting my arena…until a few days this continued….
I still feel if rightly approached a new dimension will be discovered in search for scammers.

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