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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Security Malice & The Common Man

Our PM deeply regrets the death of Sumit Verma a kidney patient of Chandigarh and in his letter to the family states that "I have issued instructions so that in future authorities are more sensitive to the concerns of the common man while imposing such restrictions for reasons of security,"
Who should be blamed? The PM, the security planners, the state ministers or who else can be dragged and made a scapegoat. He writes to the family of the deceased just a case handled by media.
Since you started sitting behind tinted glasses and drove away at a super speed, Mr. PM forgot the woes of the commons who suffer amidst such security measures. The entire VIP Mandal has brought such traumatic situation in different places at various times. The state or regional drama is at its fullest to make the visiting VIPs happy even though at the cost of the common man’s security, health, time etc.
I was once trapped in such a situation when the President was on her visit to Assam. Traffic was brought to a halt in evening hours through the route from airport and I had to travel 2 hrs back home after the day’s work and with me was thousands of passengers waiting who suffered the same issue. There was not a trace of any city bus from hours before her flight landed and it continued till late in the night perhaps until she left the city. At that time there was none who thought for the Janta. I wonder how come it didn’t click in the mind of the highest authority of the country as to why the streets were so clean or was this effect of population control! Until and unless one sees the natural happenings within a city, how do we expect one to bring solutions to our grievances?
Another similar incident took place when her highness Sonia Gandhi visited. The entire city was in a chaos, how & where the traffic was diverted no one knew and as a result of these there was hours of traffic jam. This started in the morning hours and continued till late in the afternoon. Oh! The lil’ kids were returning from school and in the scorching heat with hungry bellies had to wait for hours to get back home. The pain that these kids or the rest had to face was no one’s issue but Sonia Ji khush hai. Many must have reached their work place late risking their jobs… who will answer the boss?
Sumit Verma is just one case in the entire nation and thanks to media who made it so national. I believe the media surge will not end here and more truth will be uncovered with similar symptoms.
Wait! the story doesn’t end here, in the city the movements of the ‘state level’ VIPs is no less torturous when traffic is halted until the CM’s or other ministers convoy passes off and mind you this can happen at any time of the day. Our time, money & health… Phew! Care two hoots! Lekin Janta vote dete rahna! Never stop voting.

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